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We have Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, Professorial and Advanced Training degree programs. Their descriptions are below.

Bachelors & Masters Degree Courses in St. Petersburg, Russia


  1. Hotel Management
  2. Restaurant Management
  3. Sanatorium-Resort Management
  4. SPA
  5. Technology and organization of Hotel services
  6. Management of Hotel and Restaurant businesses
  7. Hotel and Tourist business

Faculty of TOURISM

  1. International Management in Tourism
  2. Socio-cultural service and tourism
  3. Technology and Organization of Tour operators and Tourist services
  4. Organization of excursion activities
  5. Organization of transport services for tourists.

Arts and Culture

Faculty of Audiovisual Technology

  • Radio Technology
  • Electronics and Nanoelectronics

Faculty of Multimedia equipment

  • Instrumentation
  • Graphics

Faculty of Photography and technology of recording materials

  • Chemical Technology
  • Energy – and resource-saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemical and biotechnology
  • Folk Art Culture

Faculty of Screen Arts

a.  Director of feature films –
and a television movie, the teacher
b. Director of documentary films – and a television movie, the teacher
c.   Director of television programs, teacher
d.  Director of animation and computer graphics teacher
e.  Multimedia Director, teacher

Faculty of Culture and Arts

  • Decorative and applied arts and crafts
    a.  Artistic Ceramics and Glass
  • Restoration
  • Design
    a.  Industrial Design
    b.  Transport vehicle design
    c.  Environmental Design d.  Graphic Design
    e.  Costume Design
    f.   Furniture Design
    g.  Communication design h.  Software design
    i.   Textile Design
    j.   Interior Design
  • Monumental-Decorative Art
    a.   Artist of Monumental and Decorative art (Monumental and Decorative Sculpture)
  • Monumental-Decorative art
    a.  Artist of Monumental and
    Decorative art (Painting)
    b.  Artist of Monumental and
    Decorative arts Architecture and decoration of plastic)
    c.   Artist of Monumental and
    Decorative art (Interior)
  • Graphics
    a.   Graphic artist (easel graphics, art books, art, graphics and posters, animation and computer graphics)
  • Painting
    a.   Painter (theater-decorative painting)
    b.   Art restorer (easel oil painting)
    c.   Art restorer (tempera
    painting, mural painting)
    d.   Artist for film and television costume

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A dream of the Roerich family to create an Indian centre for studying culture and arts of Russia and India will shortly come true. The foundation stone of the Russian-Indian Academy of Arts has recently been laid in the Kulu Valley where the Roerichs of Russian origin lived for almost 30 years. The Roerichs were famous painters, philosophers and experts in oriental studies. The foundation stone was laid by Alexander Kadakin, Russian ambassador to India, vice-president, founder and life-time trustee of the Roerich International Memorial Trust.

The Roerich family, Nikolai and Elena and their children Yuri and Svetoslav, were interested in fine art, archeology, oriental languages, handicraft, music, botany and medicine and studied them. At present, the Institute of Himalayan Studies and the workshop of Nikolai Roerich are next to their house, which is a memorial museum. The Elena Roerich Arts School and Collage is in one of these buildings, says Alena Adamkova, the executive director and curator of the Russian-Indian Trust and the Roerich Museum:

“Over 150 children are studying at the school and the collage. However, many more children wish to study there. They study classical music, singing, dance, painting, weaving and wood-crafting besides general subjects. At present, we cannot admit more children owing to lack of space,” Alena Adamkova said.

However, this problem will be solved with the setting of the Russian-Indian Academy of Arts, says Alexander Kadakin: “We believe that the children of the Roerich school and college will shift to a new building next year. Ten million rupees allocated by the former Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee will be used to build the academy. The Russian companies, such as Vnesheconombank, Vneshtorgbank and Rosvooruzhenie are also involved in the project,” Alexander Kadakin said.

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A chapter on Nikolay Roerich, an outstanding Russian painter, philosopher, traveller and scientist, has for the first time been included in Indian school books published in Hindi.

The book has been included in the compulsory curriculum for 11th form students of state schools of the Indian state Himachal Pradesh.

Roerich and his family lived in the West Himalayas from 1929.

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The celebration of the 150th anniversary of the St.Petersburg State Conservatory in 2012 is in the list of global events to be held under UNESCO’s patronage next year.

St.Petersburg’s Rimsky-Korsakoff State Conservatory, founded in 1862, gave the world a constellation of renowned alumni, including Peter Tchaikovsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitry Shostakovich, Mikhail Gnesin and Georgy Sviridov.

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People who study the life and work of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin often say that he brought the world to Russia. The traditional festival named Pushkin in Britain is a testament to that. It began in London on the 2nd of June and will last until the 6th of June, the poet’s birthday which Russia annually marks as Pushkin Day.

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