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Study Masters in LL.M. International Private Law in Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

Masters in LL.M. International Private Law in Russia

Get plugged in to the world!

Duration: 2 years
Language: English
ECTS credits: 120
Requirements: at least IELTS 5 TOEFL iBT – 63
Deadline: 15th August

Program description:

Two-years, full-time Professional LLM program is designed to give law graduates and lawyers from around the world advanced training in international private law. This program is aimed at recently graduated lawyers and junior practitioners in its main markets who over the years have proven to be very interested in the fields of business law and arbitration. It will give lawyers the practical and theoretical skills necessary to deal with business problems and dispute resolution including arbitration and litigation, whether in an international or national context.

The program has been designed to provide students with knowledge in critical, core international business law courses while also creating the opportunity for students to pursue their own academic interests through electives.

The program in English will explore the possibility of overcoming conflicts of domestic and foreign law in international trade, insurance, protection of intellectual property rights, corporate and other private relations.

Required Courses (15 points of academic credit)

  • Philisophy of Law
  • Foreign Language
  • History of Political and Legal Studies
  • History and Methodology of Law
  • Comparative Law Research
  • Professional Required Courses (31 points of academic credit)
  • Introduction to International private law: Theoretical and Historical Aspect
  • Current Issues of International Private Law
  • Cross-border transactions: legal and practical aspects
  • Law of international trade
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Law of torts
  • Professional Elective Courses (14points of academic credit)
  • International Commercial Arbitration and other ADR
  • CISG and International Commercial Arbitration (Model MOOT)
  • Contracts Law (RF)
  • Insurance Law
  • Inheritance law
  • Legal advising oаHuman Resources Management

Master’s Thesis Preparation (Research Work)

LL.M. candidates are required to earn 44 points of academic credit and complete an LL.M. Writing Project and 4 points of academic credit  to submit a thesis.

Academic practice and Legal Consulting (Internship (Optional)

Students have the option of applying for two-month, unpaid internships in settings such as law firms and legal departments of corporations. The internship qualifies as a 10 credit course. The internships are intended to provide students with the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a RF legal setting and to apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout the course of the LLM program.


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  1. State Law
  2. Civil Law
  3. International law
  4. Social Law
  5. Advocate
  6. Forensic Law
  7. Civil Procedure and Labor Law Department
  8. Criminal Law and Criminology Department
  9. Criminal Procedure and Criminal Science Department
  10. Theory and history of state and law, history of legal doctrines
  11. Business Law
  12. Tax law
  13. Employment law, social security law
  14. Civil law, family law, private international law
  15. Civil litigation, arbitration
  16. Criminal procedure, criminal science, the theory of operational-search activities
  17. Medical law
  18. Criminal law, criminology, criminal enforcement law
  19. International law
  20. Masters in Private International Law

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