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Study Executive MBA in Moscow, Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

Kingston Executive MBA – world class program for executives and business owners. The unique points are:

  • Elite Western business education in the field of strategic management
  • Recognized worldwide diploma Executive MBA Kingston University Business School (UK)
  • The formation of a comprehensive strategic view of the business
  • Strengthening the management and leadership skills
  • The acquisition of international business relations
  • The Executive MBA program is aimed at senior managers of Russian and international companies, as well as business owners who have considerable experience.
  • The program combines the best in business education English (English training modules) and the study of the practical aspects of doing business in Russia (the Russian practice sessions with consultants).

Accreditation: The program is accredited by AMBA (Association of MBA programs)
Language of instruction: English (lectures, materials, reports of trainees)
Study mode: The modular (10 modules)
Duration of training: 22 months


The strong bloc of subjects for the development of leadership and interpersonal skills
It is believed that career success by almost 80% is dependent on interpersonal skills, ability to build effective communication, manage conflict situations, to take responsibility, to exercise leadership in critical situations. One of the main unique aspect of the EMBA program is increased attention to the development of leadership and interpersonal skills, the so-called «soft skill». Typically, these «soft skill» distinguish the true leader from a Boss or a Manager.

The system of individual testing of students
In the beginning of the training, each trainee Executive MBA program is being tested by “Wave” system in order to make an individual profile of the individual. According to test results on the basis of consultation with the supervisor the individual student personal development plan for 1-2 years is charted out.
On completion of the training program on the listener once more passes profile testing to identify the impact and dynamics of personality development during training on the program.

The interdisciplinary approach
It is impossible to make a decision on moving the company forward, not taking into account both product strategy and marketing plans of the company, people management issues. That is why the Executive MBA program at its core uses an interdisciplinary approach that helps treat any problem in a comprehensive, holistic, find relationships and developing the ability to see the business in a broader context.

– A visit to Kingston University – the trip is, for the most part, the academic nature: the choice of subjects of the thesis, familiarity with the supervisor, working with the library resources of the University. However, along with the academic program of the first training also includes visits to the company’s familiarity with the top managers of leading UK and international organizations, exchange of experience.

– A trip to the country with the fastest growing economies (China / India / Singapore) at the end of the second year of study. the purpose of the trip – especially the exchange of experience, familiarity with innovative business practices, the establishment of business relations.



Executive Weekend
Intensive 2-3 day session designed to develop leadership and interpersonal skills may include master classes and workshops:
– Business Communication
– Leadership
– Oratory, acting
– Conflict Management
– Negotiating
– Stress management
– Emotional Intelligence


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Study Master in Business Administration in Moscow, Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

This combined program combines British training modules and evening classes with Russian teachers. Students of the program have access to the traditional British business education and have the opportunity to expand their knowledge through meetings with Russian teachers, business consultants, top managers.

Accreditation: TRIPLE CROWN AMBA (Association of MBAs) AACSB (Association of Advanced Colleagiate School of Business) EFMD (European Foundation of Management Development).
Language of instruction: English
Duration of training: 2 years

Description of the main courses

mba y1.png

MBA y2.png

10 f.png


Knowledge and Understanding

On completion of the program, students will have knowledge and understanding of:

  • a wide range of theoretical management knowledge and its strategic application to organizations
  • Information and Knowledge Management Systems and the impact of technology on business
  • the key factors and issues associated with the strategic analysis of the business and financial environment of organizations
  • the tactical and strategic significance of financial management function in organizations
  • the significance of financial concepts and limitations of financial data in the decision-making process
  • the characteristics of human behavior in organizations and how managerial performance can be enhanced through effective human resource management
  • the key marketing concepts and how organizational performance can be enhanced by a
  • marketing orientation
  • the strategic contribution of effective Operations Management within organizations
  • the leading edge strategic scholarship and practice and their application to particular organizational contexts
  • the quantitative and qualitative research methods and various techniques associated with the
  • design and presentation of the individual research project
  • the personal and professional development skills, techniques and tools to support their lifelong
  • learning process and their personal and professional development.

Practical Skills

On completion of the program students will be able to:

  • synthesize knowledge from across a range of business disciplines and relevant theoretical management knowledge and apply it to the analysis of complex business issues in a rapidly changing an international business environment
  • demonstrate proficiency in the analysis and interpretation of a wide range of business data
  • critically reflect and evaluate their own learning, performance, and development and plan for their future career, personal and professional development
  • use a range of research and consultancy skills acquired through individual project work

Cognitive (Thinking) Skills

On completion of the program students will be able to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in the analysis and interpretation of a wide range of business data
  • critically appraise a range of relevant theoretical business management knowledge and apply it to the solution of business problems
  • show a critical appreciation of the significance of recent advances and theoretical developments in business and their strategic implications
  • demonstrate clarity of problem definition and scope, critical evaluation of a focused review of relevant literature, selection of appropriate methodology, proficiency in the collection, analysis and the ability to synthesize material in making relevant conclusions and recommendations for action

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Study Marketing of innovations under current technological trends in Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

Marketing of innovations under current technological trends  in Russia

Get plugged in to the world!

Duration: 2 years
Language: English
Requirements: at least IELTS 5 TOEFL iBT – 63
Deadline: 15th August

Many of the inventions we take for granted today lay unused and unappreciated in labs around the world for years before they finally made it to the marketplace.
In the 1980’s, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, took a 1960’s invention (the computer mouse) and revolutionized the computer industry. In the summer of 2000, BT discovered that it had patented hypertext linking (the way we navigate the Internet) in 1980 – a full 9 years before Tim Berners-Lee and CERN began to develop the World Wide Web. BT weren’t alone – Douglas Engelbart had also discussed the concept in 1968. In 1802, Sir Humphry Davy demonstrated a prototype incandescent lamp, but it was Thomas Edison who developed the light bulb – a full 77 years later. That gap between the market and technology is sometimes called the innovation gap, and that is the gap that the graduates of our Masters in Marketing of innovations under current technological trends.

The high technology sector is a dynamic, fast-changing and highly competitive environment, and bringing these technologies to the marketplace requires marketers who can move at the same pace. In this degree course you will understand the new technologies that will shape our world:

– information and communications technologies (PC, Internet, mobile devices, digital tv)
– biotechnologies (advances in pharmaceuticals, biofuels and fine chemicals)
– physical sciences (laser, x-rays, nano-technology)

and you will learn to anticipate and respond to consumer needs, to develop and market these technologies in a way that makes sense to today’s marketplace.

Program description:
Competitive advantages of the program:

  •     Cooperation with international and leading Russian innovative companies;
  • Internships at universities and colleges across Europe;
  • Leading professors of People’s Friendship University, Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), State University of Management;
  • Participation in research and consulting projects;
  • Master-classes (professional modules, 5-7 practitioners);
  • Internship and employment.

Learning outcomes:
Students will:

  • Assess the impact of a new innovation at the industry;
  • Create and implement strategies related to innovation processes
  • Determine the  main implications of doing businesses on emerging markets, including innovation aspects;
  • Feel the peculiarities of the cultural dimension in different states and regions;
  • Understand the financial aspects of international marketing and the requirements for international distribution management and channel strategy;
  • Acquire the skills of independent  analysis and its application to specific practical tasks: diagnostics and monitoring  of the international companies activities; preparation and implementation of international marketing strategies and plans; forming management styles to different scenarios of marketing decisions and forecasting the impacts of their implementation; development of international sales and marketing communications strategies.
  • get an in-depth understanding of marketing techniques;
  • a core grounding in science and technology;
  • knowledge of web design, communications and industrial design;
  • get an entrepreneurial outlook;
  • get an understanding of the processes involved in new product development.

You will learn through lectures, case studies, research projects and from the vast knowledge of visiting practitioners. In some projects you will work in multidisciplinary teams, alongside engineers, scientists and biotechnology students, reflecting real life scenarios.

Career opportunities

Potential Companies- employers of graduates: ROSNANO (Marketing Department), Russian Technologies, OAK , ОSК,  Apple (Marketing Department), Nokia (Marketing Department), General Electric, Siemens (The department of customer services), Samsung (Marketing Department ;The department of customer services ), Asus (Sales Department), Renault (Marketing Department ), Peugeot (Marketing Department).

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international marketing2

Degree: Master in International Marketing (in English) in Russia

Study International Marketing in Russia

under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

study International Marketing in Russia and embark on a global career. With the setting up of the BRICS bank more and more professionals will be required with the knowledge of the BRICS economy.

Duration: 2 years
Language: English
Requirements: at least IELTS – 6, 0 TOEFL iBT – 79 (not compulsory)
Deadline: 15th August

A famous American writer on management, Peter Drucker, wrote that businesses only need to have two functions: marketing and innovation. Their essential business is to create customers. International marketing management is therefore an ideal preparation for a career in global management in the twenty-first century.

The MSc International Marketing Management from under the Learning in Russia™ program will provide you with a comprehensive framework for understanding international marketing. It will provide you with knowledge of the theory, concepts, issues and practice of international marketing. It identifies processes, contexts and influences associated with international marketing strategies, and develops your appreciation both of strategies and plans for different economies and of the implications, monitoring and control of the international marketing process.

The modules consider a wide range of issues in the international marketing field and you will gain an excellent understanding of research and statistics for management.


Through the Master of Financial Economics program students will be able to:

  • apply develop and implement the contemporary theories in the areas of international marketing and management;
  • analyse and assess internal and external international business environment and derive managerial decisions;
  • analyse and critically evaluate various real-life business examples, situations and experiences in multiple international management functions;
  • use advanced qualitative techniques and quantitative data analysis methods.

Program Features

  • Small classes sizes and close personal attention from lecturers.
  • Two semesters of taught core and elective modules.
  • A Dissertation which provides a major opportunity to extend the interest of the individual student by focusing on a specific marketing area, a business plan or consultancy project.
  • Practical field-based opportunities to put academic knowledge into practice.
  • An interdisciplinary opportunity to develop core management competencies whilst selecting from a range of specialist marketing modules.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • have the systemic view on international management technologies;
  • analyze the challenges in international and global business,
  • determine the main implications of doing businesses on emerging markets;
  • feel the peculiarities of the cultural dimension in different states and regions;
  • understand the financial aspects of international marketing and the requirements for international distribution management and channel strategy;
  • acquire the skills of independent analysis and its application to specific practical tasks: diagnostics and monitoring of the international companies activities; preparation and implementation of international marketing strategies and plans;
  • forming management styles to different international economies and cultures;  evaluation of different scenarios of marketing decisions and forecasting the impacts of their implementation; development of  international sales and marketing communications strategies.

Competitive Advantages of the Program

  • Cooperation with international and leading Russian FMCG companies;
  • Internships at the universities in Europe;
  • Leading professors
  • Participation in research and consulting projects;
  • Interaction with international FMCG companies is realized at all stages of education:
  • During training plan formation (based on the qualification requirements for specialists in marketing and sales);
  • Master-classes (professional modules, 5-7 practitioners);
  • Internship and employment.


Research MethodologyMultivariate Statistics International Business: Context and DevelopmentInternational FirmEmerging EconomiesAdvanced Corporate Finance
International Marketing ManagementAdvanced Topics in International MarketingInternational Consumer BehaviorTheories and Methods of Marketing Communication Corporate Social ResponsibilityInternational Human Resource ManagementStrategic ManagementApplied MicroeconomicsInternational Negotiations

international marketing3

Career opportunities

Graduates of the International Marketing Management specialization may qualify for these positions:

  • International marketing manager (business-to-business or business-to-consumer)
  • Internet marketing manager
  • Direct marketing manager
  • International product/brand manager
  • International manufacturer’s representative
  • International account executive (business or consumer products)
  • International market research analyst
  • International promotions manager

Potential Companies – employers of graduates: Adidas Group (Department of brand marketing, product-marketing department), British American Tobacco Russia (CJSC “International Services Marketing tobacco “), Coca-Cola Hellenic (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Danone (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Johnson & Johnson (Consumer Division), JTI (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Sprandi (Marketing Department), L’Oreal (Marketing Department, Department of Commerce), PepsiCo International Russia (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Procter & Gamble (Marketing Department, Marketing Research), Unilever (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Campbell’s (Marketing Department), Colgate-Palmolive (Marketing Department) and many others .

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Study Bachelors in Management in Russia

with Council for Foreign education in Russia (CFER) under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students!

Studying in English language will help you think, analyze, ascertain and reach at a conclusion the topics and issues that interest you in a language comfortable to you and native to many of our international students. It will also give you the added benefit of understanding the Russia perspective, “Russian way of doing things”, without learning the Russian language.If your goals include gaining the skills required to manage people, processes or industries, the Bachelor of Science in Management degree program from a leading National Research Russian State University can be a fine place to start learning the skills. This program is focused on developing managers with effective communication, creative thinking and problem solving.

Duration: 4 years
Language: English
Requirements: TOEFL (paper 500 and better; web 55 and better) or IELTS (5.5 and better), First Certificate in English (FCE) – not compulsory
Deadline: 15th May

Salient features of studying in Russia

• Bilingual diploma: in Russian and English languages
• Enhanced opportunities for career development
• European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
• Modern educational technologies
• low Professor: student ratios

Core courses of Management in Russia

  • Law Studies
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Social Management
  • Economic Theory
  • Statistics
  • Social and Economic Statistics
  • Introduction to Computer Usage
  • Decision-making Techniques in Management
  • Concepts of Modern Natural Sciences
  • Foundations of Resource Efficiency
  • Mathematical Simulation of Organization and Business Systems
  • Management
  • Management Theory
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Life Safety
  • Business Planning
  • Leadership
  • Enterprise Economics
  • Management Documentation
  • Innovation Management
  • Logistics
  • Economic Estimation of Investments
  • State and Municipal Government
  • Administrative Law
  • Quality Management
  • Ethics of Business Relations
  • Metrology, Standardisation and Certification
  • Project Management
  • International Marketing
  • World Economy and Foreign-economic Activity
  • Presentation Skill and Negotiation
  • Innovative Business and Business Experience
  • Business Etiquette
  • Financial Institutes
  • Intelligent Property Market
  • Intercultural Management

For applying to study Bachelor in Management (in English) in one of the leading National Research Russian State University go HERE and learn the step-by-step admission process at the end of the page. Then you may fill in all fields in our INFORMATION REQUEST Form and forward it to one of our e-mails: admissions@cferussia.ru or learninginrussia@gmail.com

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Study Masters in Innovation and Business creation in Management in Russia

with Council for Foreign education in Russia (CFER) under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students!

Duration: 2 years
Language: English

      • TOEFL (IBT) scores not lower than 79, IELTS not lower than 6.
      • Grade point average: At least 70-75% of the maximum obtainable grade. Can vary depending on the grading system of the university having awarded the Bachelor degreee

Deadline: 15th August

PROGRAM INFORMATION for Masters degree in Business Innovation & Management (in English):

The program’s aim is centred on innovative approaches to business creation and management.

Core courses includes Industrial Informatics, which embraces a complex of disciplines like methods and technologies based on computer and telecommunication systems of information saving, processing and transmitting social and economic objects and settling all complicated problems in entrepreneurial activity with the purpose to develop industrial sphere.

Graduates will be given the knowledge of integration and business processes re-engineering which which is a Top manager’s tool and; effective industrial management.

This degree looks at how:

        • new ideas become successful products
        • entrepreneurial expertise creates growth
        • companies harness knowledge to remain competitive
        • knowledge shapes society and vice versa
        • climate change can be tackled with new technology
        • to overcome the practical challenges associated with creating a new entrepreneurial venture
        • economies can be transformed through successive gales of creative destruction

Core Disciplines

        • Innovation Management: Systems, Models and Processes
        • Exploring the opportunity: Technology and Markets
        • Creating value through Business Models
        • Entrepreneurship
        • Business in Society
        • Applying creative Thinking to generate Novel Solutions
        • Financial Appraisal and Investment Economics
        • High Technology Entrepreneurship
        • Innovation Management
        • Innovation and the Knowledge Economy
        • Research Methods
        • Business Creation and Development
        • Innovation and Market Strategy
        • Regional, National and Global Dimension of Science, Technology and Innovation


Career opportunities:

        • Innovation Direction
        • Innovation Architecture
        • Research & Development
        • Business development
        • Entrepreneurship
        • Innovation Management Consulting
        • Policy advice
        • Financial Analysts (evaluation of business propositions)
        • Management in the following sectors: Innovation centers, Technology centers,
        • Creativity centers, Innovation in Clean-Tech/Sustainable Energy

Learning outcomes:

To be acquainted with:

        • Main techniques of scientific research in economics in innovative spheres;
        •  Innovation and its derivatives;
        • Technologies of operations management;
        • Modern problems of innovation and its management;
        • Economic regularities of innovations introduction and judicial bases for innovative business creation;
        • Information resources and technologies which may be applied in innovative business management;
        • Management of production and operations systems;
        • Evolution of management methods;
        • Managerial economics;
        • Modern strategic analysis and corporate finances;
        • Innovation and technology business;
        • Innovation management at different stages of production cycle;
        • Management of innovative company development and innovation risks.

To have command of:

        • creating and managing business innovative companies in manufacturing and in the sphere of services, environmentally friendly acting due to social responsibility;
        • management of Innovation and investment activity of a company;
        • cost management and instruments of market positions evaluation;
        • strategic management of logistics;
        • management of changes and business-dynamic at innovative company;
        • evaluation of innovative business, investments and managerial decisions effectiveness.

To master:

        • Entrepreneur’s skills in innovative spheres of production;
        • Modern techniques of personnel choosing, training and developing (HR-human resources management) for innovative company;
        • Taxation of an innovative company and the security market.

Innovation in Talent Management

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Bachelors and Masters degree in Real estate in Russia

The Real Estate Degree is always in demand, since people need to stay somewhere on the ground. And there is finite space which means the markets will only become pricier. Read on below what this degree course will give you.

Students gain knowledge of the profile in the management decision-making in real estate, modern management of real estate, assess their value, basic operations performed on the property market, the forms of its regulation in mortgage lending and mortgage-backed securities.  During training in the framework of this profile, students will master the following disciplines: Economics enterprise economy estate, land development and land registry, property management, investment management, economic strategy, the management of state and municipal property, etc.

Graduates will be able to work in the management of residential buildings and complexes buildings, shopping centres, and office complexes as facilities managers, experts in management of the lease, operation and development of real estate. Place of employment of graduates can also separate the planning and development of investment and construction companies, real estate company, a division of property management companies and organizations of all forms of ownership. Wider field alumni profile is the management of state and municipal property: Property Management Committee, property funds, etc.
Some of the Core Courses are:

  • Economics of real estate.
  • Fundamentals of real estate management.
  • Cost management business.
  • Land Management and Land Cadastre.
  • Economics of investment decisions
  • Business planning of investment projects.
  • Project management (development).
  • Design and construction of real estate.
  • Technical operation of the property.
  • Management of resources and their rational use.
  • Marketing.
  • Investment management.
  • Methods of assessing real estate.
  • Legal security management solutions.
  • Management of investments in the project.
  • The organization of production in enterprises sector.
  • Information technology in project management.
  • Economics and organization building.
  • Development management decisions.
  • Project Risk Management.
  • Economics of taxation.
  • Economics of Residential Housing
  • State regulation of the real estate market
  • Real estate transactions
  • Property management
  • Cadastre of real estate
  • Management of state and municipal property
  • A framework for assessing the value of property
  • Pricing in the property market
  • Land Economics
  • Corporate finances
  • Econometrics

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