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St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) has the following faculties for students:

* Faculty of Radiotechnics and Telecommunications (FRT)
* Faculty of Electronics (FEL)
* Faculty of Computer Technology and Informatics (FCTI)
* Faculty of Electrotechnics and Automatics (FEA)
* Faculty of Instrument-Making, Biomedical and Ecological Engineering (FIMBEE)
* Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM)
* Faculty of the Humanities (FH)
* Open Faculty (OF) — evening and instruction by correspondence (Only for Russians)
* Faculty of military education (FME) (Only for Russians)
* Faculty of retraining and the raising the level of skills

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Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” founded in 1886 is regarded as one of the world largest education and research centres in Radio Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science.

In 1891 it was reorganized into the Imperial Institute of Electrical Engineering – the first higher education institution in Europe for training engineers and researches in the field of Electrical Engineering.

A. S. Popov, the inventor of the radio, worked in this institute. There is a memorial museum to A. S. Popov in the institute. Z. I. Alferov, Nobel Laureate of Physics for his achievements in the field of heterostructure, also worked this institute. At one point he was a dean of the faculty electrotechnics (now faculty of electronics).

There is a legend that V. I. Lenin hid from the police at the University. Now the room where he hid is unofficially called “Lenin’s Lecture Hall”.

LETI has more than 1000 highly-qualified staff (a 70% Ph.D. rate), 30 of them have Russian and international prizes. More than 30 academicians and members of the Russian Academy of Science worked at LETI. In twenties of the 20th century LETI took significant part in development of electrification plans of Russia.

LETI is the Alma Mater for over 70000 students and over 3000 international students.

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