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Founded 110 years ago in 1897 as first Russian Medical Institute for Women it is still going strong and is the pride of the St. Petersburg medical community. It has blood bank drives to which many Film and Television personalities always come.

International students from different countries of the globe have studied here since 1946.

Well-known specialists in different branches of medicine and basic biological sciences have worked here. Among them is the world famous physiologist I.P. Pavlov, therapeutists G.F. Lung and K.G. Chernorutsky, surgeon J.J. Janelidse and presently working F. Uglov, G. Fedoseev, L. Potachov. The University is a major educational, scientific and clinical centre of the Russia North-West. Every year more than 600 new students enter the University.

The University keeps up-to date with the latest teaching methods and technological progress in Russian and World medical education, maintaining the western (American and European) standards of science, treatment and education as well as the best traditions of old Russian and Soviet medical schools. Each student gets individual attention from professors, teachers and doctors. Since its establishment more than 50000 physicians have been trained there. More than 600 specialists graduate from the University every year, obtaining degrees of M.D.
The first shout out regarding education of foreign citizens was relayed in 1910. In Soviet Union, training of foreign students began in 1945. Since then more than 3000 citizens from 65 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have qualified for the diploma, and more than 500 doctors from foreign countries have pursued a course of practical work, specialization, clinical studies or post-graduate research for Ph D degrees (candidate or doctor of sciences in medicine).

The University offers postgraduate educational program (internship, residency, fellowship courses) for medical graduates in more than 40 medical specialties. Every year more than 300 physicians undergo postgraduate training.

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