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Study Petroleum Engineering in Russia with a Bachelors degree in Operation and maintenance of Transport & Storage of oil, gas and derivative productsLNG_blog post_v3 MiRO4 natural-gas-terminal

BACHELORS in Petroleum Engineering in Russia

Come study in Russia in TPU (founded in 1896), Tomsk, Council for Foreign Education in Russia’s official partner.

There are numerous areas for significant professional career growth for petroleum engineers—from drilling technology to the design of exotic fluid systems to inject in reservoirs to increase oil recovery. Salaries for petroleum engineers
are, and will continue to be, among the highest paid of all professionals. Study in Russia with Council for Foreign Education in Russia as it is in a strategically strong position due to its location in Russia and its relationship with top Petroleum Engineering faculties to impart quality education in Petroleum Engineering to international students.

Additionally, more jobs are available than there are professionals to fill them. An education in petroleum engineering has proven to be an excellent foundation for careers in fields such as law, medicine, and business.

In summary, these trends, in combination with others, indicate that both the short and long-term demand for petroleum engineers will be high; PEs will be provided with expensive tools, and they will be expected to design significant projects in a global environment. In many ways, the atmosphere for petroleum engineers today is more exciting and satisfying than ever before..

In this course the student will be getting specialized skills and knowledge in the field of operation and maintenance of the transport and storage of oil, gas and refined products. During the development of this profile bachelors are invited to explore the basic questions concerning the operation of oil pipelines, pump and compressor stations, equipment diagnostics pipelines and storage facilities, technological reliability of pipeline transportation of hydrocarbons, process safety, questions about specific techniques pumping.

Disciplines studied under BACHELORS in Petroleum Engineering in Russia course

  • Economics and Organization of petroleum production (Oil & Gas production)
  • History of Oil and Gas Industry
  • Legal provision of the oil and gas business (mining law)
  • Business Etiquette and Culture of Communication
  • Fundamentals of business ethics and corporate culture
  • Hydraulic machinery and air-oil circuit
  • Logistics of Oil & Gas distribution
  • Treatment facilities of transport and storage of oil and petroleum products
  • Building construction
  • Power drive pumps and compressors
  • Preparation of oil and gas for transportation
  • automated design engineering
  • Applications software products
  • Assessment of the economic efficiency of investments in enterprises of TSOG (Transport and Storage of oil & Gas)
  • Applied combustion  / thermal engineering
  • Fundamental question of Heat-transfer
  • Design and Operation of Gas Oil Pipeline
  • Design and Operation of Oil Gas Storage tanks (depots)
  • Design and operation of pump and compressor stations
  • Diagnostics Equipment Gas Oil pipeline
  • Resource-energy Conservation technologies of transport and storage of oil and gas
  • Transport and Storage of liquefied gases
  • Reliability of oil and gas facilities
  • Design and Operation of Gas Distribution Systems
  • Gas Turbine installations
  • Construction and repair of gas oil pipeline and Oil Gas Storage tanks (depots)
  • Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Industry
  • Foundations of Engineering Geology and Geology Oilfield
  • Engineering surveying (geodesy) and Soil Mechanics
  • Promising projects offshore oil and gas resources ; development of Techniques and Technologies of Transport and Storage of Oil & Gas (TSOG)
  • Petrol Stations and supply of Petroleum Products
  • Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Computer Graphics
  • Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
  • Materials science and Theory of Engineering Materials (TEM)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Chemistry
  • Hydraulics and Fluid mechanics of Petroleum
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Life safety training
  • Meteorology, standardization and qualimetry
  • Fundamentals of automation of technological processes of the oil and gas production
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Safety in Transport and Storage of Oil & Gas (TSOG) companies
  • Mathematical modelling of processes in Transport and Storage of Oil & Gas (TSOG) companies
  • Physico-chemical basis of the Welding process

For applying to study Petroleum Engineering (Oil & Gas Engineering) in one of the leading Russian State Universities go HERE and learn the step-by-step admission process at the end of the page. Then you may fill in all fields in our INFORMATION REQUEST Form and forward it to one of our e-mails: admissions@cferussia.ru or learninginrussia@gmail.com

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