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Study Radio Engineering and Telecommunications or  Radio technology (Radio engineering) in Russia

with Council for Foreign education in Russia (CFER) under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students!

Radio technology is a part of science and technology, which includes a set of physical principles, methods and tools aimed at research, development and operation of systems, systems and devices for transmitting, receiving and processing information about the environment, natural and technical objects, and also to influence them to change their properties using electromagnetic oscillations and waves.

Salient features of studying in Russia

  • Bilingual diploma: in Russian and English languages
  • Enhanced opportunities for career development
  • European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  • Modern educational technologies
  • low Professor: student ratios
  • Common core in years 1 and 2 for all engineering students
  • Final choice of specialisation can be made at start of year 3
  • Research is integrated into learning
  • Practice and traineeships in leading Russian and foreign companies
  • Access to research and technological resources
  • Russian State Universities have a reputation for high quality research

Outline of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications program

Telecommunications technologies are shaping the way in which we access news and information relevant to our lives, communicate with family and friends, play computer games and drive the so-called information economy.

Telecommunications engineering is concerned with the technologies that underpin modern voice, multimedia and data communications. Telecommunications engineers are responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and evolution of systems from business data networks to global voice and data communications. Relevant technologies include: transmission systems such as optical fibre, satellites, cellular networks, Internet Protocol networks and digital television; digital representation of audio, video and other multimedia; and the control, design and analysis of massive communications networks.

Structure of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications program in Russia

The program develops an understanding of telecommunications systems encompassing both hardware and software needed by professional engineers in telecommunications systems. Emphasis is placed on underlying principles and techniques so that graduates will be able to learn and apply new technologies as they emerge in the future. The early years of the program build a scientific and engineering foundation of computing, electronics, physics and mathematics.

Information and communication technologies and communication systems

Communication technologies and communication systems (Telecommunication) – area of ​​science and technology, which includes a set of technologies, tools, techniques and methods of human activity aimed at creating conditions for the exchange of information at a distance. The objects of professional students in the direction Telecommunications are technological systems, facilities, providing transmission, emission and reception of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, by wire, radio or optical systems.

Design and Technology of Electronics

Occupational field of the graduate include the design, engineering and technology of electronic means, with the objectives of their operation, reliability requirements, design, and operating conditions

The objects of professional activity of graduates are electronic warfare, production processes and process equipment, design and technological documentation, methods and tools for configuring and testing, quality control and maintenance of electronic equipment.

BACHELORS in Radio Engineering and Telecommunications in Russia

  1. Radio Engineering
  2. Communication Technologies and Communication Systems
  3. Designing and Technology of Electronic Facilities
  4. Radioelectronic Systems and Complexes (Integrated Degree Program)

MASTERS in Radio Engineering and Telecommunications in Russia

  1. Radio engineering
    • Radio Location of Objects and Environments
    • Radio Navigation Systems
    • Microwave, Optical and Digital Telecommunications
    • Communication Technology of Analysis and Processing of Spatial Information
  2. Communication technologies and communication systems
    • Remote Control Systems and Complexes
    • Wireless Communication Networks
  3. Designing and technology of electronic facilities
    • Information Technologies of Designing Radioelectronic Devices
    • Designing of Microwave Technics

SPECIALIST in Radio Engineering and Telecommunications in Russia

  1. Radio systems and facilities management
  2. Radio electronic data transmission system
  3. Antenna systems and devices
  4. Design and technology of electronic systems and complex

DOCTORATE in Radio Engineering and Telecommunications in Russia

  1. Radio technology, including systems and TV devices
  2. Antennas, microwave devices and their technologies
  3. Systems, networks and telecommunications devices
  4. Radio location and Radio navigation

For applying to study Radio Engineering and Telecommunications in one of the leading National Research Russian State University go HERE and learn the step-by-step admission process at the end of the page. Then you may fill in all fields in our INFORMATION REQUEST Form and forward it to one of our e-mails: admissions@cferussia.ru or learninginrussia@gmail.com

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