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Study Masters in Public Health in Moscow, Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

The programme has been developed in accordance with the Russian federal standard of higher professional education. The Master of Public Health is a 2-year full-time program. Students can develop skills in the following areas of public health:

  • Public health policy and Economics
  • Sociology and Psychology of health
  • Federal administration of Healthcare.

Master of Public Health prepares students to become effective public health practitioners and scientists. Graduates are capable of formulating, designing, implementing, forecasting and executing prevention programs and policies to promote public health while working in the federal, municipal, or non-government organizations.

The aim of the programme is to train professionals with a wide range of skills required for a successful professional career in Public Health. The graduates will be capable to perform comprehensive evaluation and monitoring of population health using various indicators, identify major public health problems, develop, implement and evaluate effectiveness of public health interventions.

The programme also enables graduates to perform high quality research both in public health and in other health-related areas. The programme puts special emphasis on developing practical skills to apply evidence-based methods in the field of Public Health.

Target audience

The programme is designed for those who are directly engaged or plan to get engaged in planning and carrying out health assessment, health promotion, disease prevention and health research. It can be particularly relevant to those who plan to continue their scientific carrier in the field of Public Health in their home country or at the international level.

Professional activity of graduates takes place in the following areas:

  • comprehensive assessment and monitoring of health status to identify
    and study of the factors determining the public health;
  • development and practical implementation of science-based measures to protect and
    promote health , reduce the incidence , morbidity and mortality of the population;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of measures to protect and promote health , reduce
    disease, injury and mortality ;
  • management of quality of life (including with different chronic
    diseases) ;
  • epidemiology of non-communicable diseases ;
  • Clinical , molecular epidemiology and infectious diseases ;
  • human ecology and environmental risk assessment of different nature ;
  • sociology and health psychology ;
  • career support and occupational health ;
  • maternal and child health ;
  • Using the methods of biostatistics and mathematical modeling
    public health ;
  • Introduction and use of information technology in the public

Public health program prepares for the following professional activities :

  • Research ;
  • Scientific and Production and Design;
  • Organizational and administrative management;
  • Teaching activities (as appropriate )

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