Study Masters in Public Health in Moscow, Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

The programme has been developed in accordance with the Russian federal standard of higher professional education. The Master of Public Health is a 2-year full-time program. Students can develop skills in the following areas of public health:

  • Public health policy and Economics
  • Sociology and Psychology of health
  • Federal administration of Healthcare.

Master of Public Health prepares students to become effective public health practitioners and scientists. Graduates are capable of formulating, designing, implementing, forecasting and executing prevention programs and policies to promote public health while working in the federal, municipal, or non-government organizations.

The aim of the programme is to train professionals with a wide range of skills required for a successful professional career in Public Health. The graduates will be capable to perform comprehensive evaluation and monitoring of population health using various indicators, identify major public health problems, develop, implement and evaluate effectiveness of public health interventions.

The programme also enables graduates to perform high quality research both in public health and in other health-related areas. The programme puts special emphasis on developing practical skills to apply evidence-based methods in the field of Public Health.

Target audience

The programme is designed for those who are directly engaged or plan to get engaged in planning and carrying out health assessment, health promotion, disease prevention and health research. It can be particularly relevant to those who plan to continue their scientific carrier in the field of Public Health in their home country or at the international level.

Professional activity of graduates takes place in the following areas:

  • comprehensive assessment and monitoring of health status to identify
    and study of the factors determining the public health;
  • development and practical implementation of science-based measures to protect and
    promote health , reduce the incidence , morbidity and mortality of the population;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of measures to protect and promote health , reduce
    disease, injury and mortality ;
  • management of quality of life (including with different chronic
    diseases) ;
  • epidemiology of non-communicable diseases ;
  • Clinical , molecular epidemiology and infectious diseases ;
  • human ecology and environmental risk assessment of different nature ;
  • sociology and health psychology ;
  • career support and occupational health ;
  • maternal and child health ;
  • Using the methods of biostatistics and mathematical modeling
    public health ;
  • Introduction and use of information technology in the public

Public health program prepares for the following professional activities :

  • Research ;
  • Scientific and Production and Design;
  • Organizational and administrative management;
  • Teaching activities (as appropriate )

Study Masters in Global Public Policy in Moscow, Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.



The Core Curriculum, which is taken primarily in the first two semesters, focuses on the fundamental knowledge and skills to enable students to master global public policy.  It consists of courses in a range of disciplines – political science, economics, history, and management science.  The core provides students with a common experience in the essentials of public policy that will make MGPP graduates clearly recognized as exceptionally well-prepared professionals capable of tackling the world’s most pressing policy issues.

The two Concentrations, which students will choose from at the end of the second semester, are “Russia and the World” and “Global Development and Emerging Economies.”  The first concentration will focus on the ever-changing relationship between Russia and the global community, with scope for both students who wish to examine current policy dilemmas and those who may seek to understand Russia through an historical perspective.  The second concentration will have at its center the emergence of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and the increasingly important role of various international organizations such as the G-8, G-20, and APEC.

All students will choose a final project in their third semester, either a research-based Thesis or a practice-based Capstone Project, and be supervised by faculty advisors.  Students will present their final results at a conference before the RANEPA community and invited guests.


Global Partners

The MGPP is being created with the advice and active support of a number of leading public policy experts from the US, Canada, China, Brazil, South Africa, France, Singapore and other countries.  The World Bank is a strategic partner and RANEPA is developing collaborative partnerships with global public policy institutions, including the newly-established International Development and Public Policy Alliance (IDPPA), which has the following founding members:

  • Fundacao Getulio Vargas [FGV], Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
  • Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration [RANEPA], Moscow, RUSSIA
  • Jindal School of Government and Public Policy [JSGP], Delhi, INDIA
  • Beijing Normal University School of Social Development and Public Policy [SSDPP], Beijing, CHINA
  • American University in Cairo [AUC] School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Cairo, EGYPT
  • School of Government and Public Policy [SGPP], Jakarta, INDONESIA



Study Executive MBA in Moscow, Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

Kingston Executive MBA – world class program for executives and business owners. The unique points are:

  • Elite Western business education in the field of strategic management
  • Recognized worldwide diploma Executive MBA Kingston University Business School (UK)
  • The formation of a comprehensive strategic view of the business
  • Strengthening the management and leadership skills
  • The acquisition of international business relations
  • The Executive MBA program is aimed at senior managers of Russian and international companies, as well as business owners who have considerable experience.
  • The program combines the best in business education English (English training modules) and the study of the practical aspects of doing business in Russia (the Russian practice sessions with consultants).

Accreditation: The program is accredited by AMBA (Association of MBA programs)
Language of instruction: English (lectures, materials, reports of trainees)
Study mode: The modular (10 modules)
Duration of training: 22 months


The strong bloc of subjects for the development of leadership and interpersonal skills
It is believed that career success by almost 80% is dependent on interpersonal skills, ability to build effective communication, manage conflict situations, to take responsibility, to exercise leadership in critical situations. One of the main unique aspect of the EMBA program is increased attention to the development of leadership and interpersonal skills, the so-called «soft skill». Typically, these «soft skill» distinguish the true leader from a Boss or a Manager.

The system of individual testing of students
In the beginning of the training, each trainee Executive MBA program is being tested by “Wave” system in order to make an individual profile of the individual. According to test results on the basis of consultation with the supervisor the individual student personal development plan for 1-2 years is charted out.
On completion of the training program on the listener once more passes profile testing to identify the impact and dynamics of personality development during training on the program.

The interdisciplinary approach
It is impossible to make a decision on moving the company forward, not taking into account both product strategy and marketing plans of the company, people management issues. That is why the Executive MBA program at its core uses an interdisciplinary approach that helps treat any problem in a comprehensive, holistic, find relationships and developing the ability to see the business in a broader context.

- A visit to Kingston University – the trip is, for the most part, the academic nature: the choice of subjects of the thesis, familiarity with the supervisor, working with the library resources of the University. However, along with the academic program of the first training also includes visits to the company’s familiarity with the top managers of leading UK and international organizations, exchange of experience.

- A trip to the country with the fastest growing economies (China / India / Singapore) at the end of the second year of study. the purpose of the trip – especially the exchange of experience, familiarity with innovative business practices, the establishment of business relations.



Executive Weekend
Intensive 2-3 day session designed to develop leadership and interpersonal skills may include master classes and workshops:
- Business Communication
- Leadership
- Oratory, acting
- Conflict Management
- Negotiating
- Stress management
- Emotional Intelligence


Study Master in Business Administration in Moscow, Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

This combined program combines British training modules and evening classes with Russian teachers. Students of the program have access to the traditional British business education and have the opportunity to expand their knowledge through meetings with Russian teachers, business consultants, top managers.

Accreditation: The program is accredited by AMBA (Association of MBA programs)
Specialization: Strategic Management
Language of instruction: English
Duration of training: 18 months

Description of the main courses

Main courses – 1st year of study:
»Strategic Management
»Organizational Behavior
»Leadership Development
»International Environment
»Managing Financial Resources
»Strategic Information Systems Management
»Operations Management
»Marketing in Digital World
»Responsible management

Elective courses – 2nd year of study:
Ability to choose 4 main course – a specialization from the list.
»Management of Change
»Strategic Operations Management
»Management Consultancy
»Business Forecasting and Modelling
»Corporate Finance
»Global Business
»Winning and retaining customers
»Project and Risk Management
»Entrepreneurship & Innovation

International students and their parents are hereby informed that those of you residing in India, UAE, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon may leave your telephone nos and addresses. Our local Representatives in these countries will get in touch with you.

Scholarships are almost never awarded. So please do not waste your and our time. All courses are for pay.

Look forward to see you in Russia soon!

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Study Masters in LL.M. International Private Law in Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

Masters in LL.M. International Private Law in Russia

Get plugged in to the world!

Duration: 2 years
Language: English
ECTS credits: 120
Requirements: at least IELTS 5 TOEFL iBT – 63
Deadline: 15th August

Program description:

Two-years, full-time Professional LLM program is designed to give law graduates and lawyers from around the world advanced training in international private law. This program is aimed at recently graduated lawyers and junior practitioners in its main markets who over the years have proven to be very interested in the fields of business law and arbitration. It will give lawyers the practical and theoretical skills necessary to deal with business problems and dispute resolution including arbitration and litigation, whether in an international or national context.

The program has been designed to provide students with knowledge in critical, core international business law courses while also creating the opportunity for students to pursue their own academic interests through electives.

The program in English will explore the possibility of overcoming conflicts of domestic and foreign law in international trade, insurance, protection of intellectual property rights, corporate and other private relations.

Required Courses (15 points of academic credit)

  • Philisophy of Law
  • Foreign Language
  • History of Political and Legal Studies
  • History and Methodology of Law
  • Comparative Law Research
  • Professional Required Courses (31 points of academic credit)
  • Introduction to International private law: Theoretical and Historical Aspect
  • Current Issues of International Private Law
  • Cross-border transactions: legal and practical aspects
  • Law of international trade
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Law of torts
  • Professional Elective Courses (14points of academic credit)
  • International Commercial Arbitration and other ADR
  • CISG and International Commercial Arbitration (Model MOOT)
  • Contracts Law (RF)
  • Insurance Law
  • Inheritance law
  • Legal advising oаHuman Resources Management

Master’s Thesis Preparation (Research Work)

LL.M. candidates are required to earn 44 points of academic credit and complete an LL.M. Writing Project and 4 points of academic credit  to submit a thesis.

Academic practice and Legal Consulting (Internship (Optional)

Students have the option of applying for two-month, unpaid internships in settings such as law firms and legal departments of corporations. The internship qualifies as a 10 credit course. The internships are intended to provide students with the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a RF legal setting and to apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout the course of the LLM program.


students studying 2Study International Trade in Russia under the Learning in Russia™ program for international students! We welcome you to study in Russia.

Masters in International Trade

Get plugged in to the world!

Duration: 2 years
Language: English
Requirements: at least IELTS 5 TOEFL iBT – 63
Deadline: 15th August

Leads to managerial positions in trade promotion and development in international trade organizations, diplomatic services, chambers of commerce and private sector.


  • Learning in a dynamic environment in Russia with a multicultural student body and faculty working in international economic and commercial relations;
  • Providing knowledge and skills to assess major trade issues, draft policy documents and negotiate for government, international organization or corporate sector;
  • Exploring economic and commercial decision making, current and future trade issues and developments;
  • Gaining insight into world trade, international finance and trade promotion strategies from national and regional to global level.

Basic subjects (Scientific cycle and Professional cycle):

  •     Legal  regulation of business and external economic activity;
  • International labour market and migration;
  • International business communication theory and practice;
  • Russian language;
  • Microeconomics (advanced course);
  • Macroeconomics (advanced course);
  • Econometrics (advanced course);
  • International monetary relations;
  • International economic;
  • International trade;
  • Custom and tariff regulation;
  • International finance;
  • World commodities’ market conjuncture;

Selective subjects:

  •     International advertisement;
  • Information systems in company management: world experience;
  • International banks’ investment activity;
  • Socially responsible marketing in the context of globalization;
  • Non-tariff regulation of international trade;
  • Corporate finance management;
  • International logistics;
  • Project management;
  • International marketing;
  • Business as the finance system: international standards.

A lot of subjects have the practical importance, and received knowledge and skills can be used in the international business.

Course papers:

  • International labour market and migration;
  • International monetary relations;
  • International economic;
  • International trade;
  • Custom and tariff regulation;
  • International finance;
  • World commodities’ market conjuncture.

Practice and R&D:
Practice and R&D are important parts of the Master program, aimed at more intensive and detailed scientific work on the theme of Diploma paper, and getting necessary skills and knowledge.


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