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International students and their parents are hereby informed that those of you residing in India, UAE, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon may leave your telephone nos and addresses. Our local Representatives in these countries will get in touch with you.

Scholarships are almost never awarded. So please do not waste your and our time. All courses are for pay.

Look forward to see you in Russia soon!

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Study in Faculty of Petroleum in  Russia

Council for Foreign Education in Russia

invites international students to study inside the world’s biggest country in the world’s biggest energy reservoir i.e. Russia to study Petroleum Engineering.  We offer you the following courses on the Faculty of Petroleum in Russia. After getting a degree in Petroleum Engineering you will able to work with most profitable companies of the world, such as Exxon Mobil, GAZPROM, RosNeft, British Petroleum, Shell, etc.

BACHELORS &  MASTERS programs on the faculty of Petroleum

Studying Petroleum Engineering in Russia is grand way to learn from the best and the brightest of the Russian academia regarding the Oil & Gas industry in Russia, the world and also the Russian perspective. Since energy is the heart of the Russian economy and gives it power in the world business, politics and social affairs, it is only logical that Petroleum Engineering branch is given lot of focus.

Salient features of studying in Russia

  • Bilingual diploma: in Russian and English languages
  • Enhanced opportunities for career development
  • European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  • Modern educational technologies
  • low Professor: student ratios
  • Common core in years 1 and 2 for all engineering students
  • Final choice of specialisation can be made at start of year 3
  • Research is integrated into learning
  • Practice and traineeships in leading Russian and foreign companies
  • Access to research and technological resources
  • Russian State Universities have a reputation for high quality research

BACHELORS in Petroleum Engineering in Russia

  1. Construction and Repair of pipeline transportation systems (TPU)
  2. Operation and maintenance of transport & storage of oil, gas and derivative products (TPU)
  3. Drilling of Oil and natural Gas wells (TPU)
  4. Building, Operation and maintenance of exploitation site (extraction facilities) (TPU)
  5. Design and Operation of Oil & Gas fields (TPU)
  6. Oil and Gas Business
  7. Design, construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines and pipeline system
  8. Technology of geological exploration
  9.  Technology and technique in the exploration of mineral deposits
  10. Mining and Petroleum Department (USTPU)
    I) Oil and Gas Equipment and Technologies
    1. Technology of drilling oil and gas wells
    2. The development and exploitation of oil and gas fields
    3. The development and operation of oil and gas deposits on the shelfII) Technology of geological exploration (geophysical methods for wells)

    III) Applied geology (geology of oil and gas)

  11. Faculty pipeline transport  (USTPU) – Oil and Gas Equipment and Technologies (Pipelines and Storages)
  12. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering  (USTPU) – Oil and gas equipment and technology (machinery and equipment of oil and gas industries)
  13. Faculty of automation of production processes (USTPU) – Oil and gas equipment and technology (automation and control systems in the oil and gas industry)

MASTERS in Petroleum Engineering in Russia

  1. Reliability of oil pipelines and storage (TPU)
  2. Construction of deep oil and gas wells in complex geological conditions (TPU)
  3. Manage the development and exploitation of oil and gas fields (TPU)
  4. Designing of objects and infrastructure development of Oil and Gas fields (TPU)
  5. Construction and maintenance of Oil and Gas facilities (TPU)
USTPU – Mining and Petroleum Department
I) drilling oil and gas wells
1. Technology of drilling deep oil and gas wells on the shelf and at sea
2. Completion and fastening of wells in complex geological conditions
3. washing liquid and washing the wells technology under complicated conditions
4. An integrated conceptual engineering fieldII) Development and operation of oil and gas fields
1. Development of oil fields
2. Operation of wells under complicated conditions
3. Physics of formation fluidsIII) Geology and exploration of oil and gas exploration (geological and geophysical problems of development of oil and gas fields)IV) The development and exploitation of gas and gas condensate fields (design and management of development and operation of gas, condensate oil and gas fields)

USTPU – Faculty of Pipeline Transport
I) Oil and Gas Business
1. The construction and repair of oil and gas pipelines and Storages
a. Innovative technologies of diagnostics, construction supervision and examination of industrial safety of objects of transport and storage of oil, gas and water
Project management of construction and repair of transportation and storage of oil, gas and water
b. Innovative technologies of diagnostics, construction supervision and examination of industrial safety of objects of transport and storage of oil, gas and water
Project management of construction and repair of transportation and storage of oil, gas and water
2. Hydraulics and hydraulic machines
a. Efficient use of resources in the operation of pumping and compressor stations
b. Gas Mining3. Transport and storage of oil and gas
a. Design and operation of pipeline transport facilities hydrocarbons
b. Offshore installations transport and storage of oil and gas
USTPU – Faculty of Technology
I) Chemical Engineering
1. Petrochemicals and Chemical Engineering (Chemistry and Technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis)
2. General and Analytical Chemistry (Chemical Engineering Plastics)
3. Technology of Oil and Gas
a. Chemical and gas fuel technology
b. Design production of oil refining and gasII) Biotechnology
1. Biochemistry and technology of microbiological productions
a. Industrial biotechnology and bioengineering
b. Chemistry and Technology of biologically active substancesIII) the safety of Technosphere
1. Industrial Safety (process safety systems in the oil and gas industry)IV) Energy-saving processes in chemical technology
1. Applied Ecology (Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources)
2. Design and modeling of petrochemical processes (Design and modeling of petrochemical processes / Gas Chemistry)

USTPU – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
I) Technological machines and equipment
1. Corrosion protection of equipment and facilities
2. Modern principles of hardware design in heat and mass processes
3. Design and operation of gas equipment
a. Design and operation of machinery and equipment for oil and gas
b. Design and operation of machinery and equipment for drilling oil and gas wells

4. Technological machines and equipment
a. Theoretical bases of designing of oil and gas processing equipment, petrochemical and chemical industries
b. Reliability of technological systems and equipment
c. Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities Oil and Gas Industry

5. Special aggregates in the oil and gas industry (Design and Operation of special aggregates and emergency vehicles in the oil and gas industry)

USTPU – Oil and Gas Business Institute
I) Economy
1. Accounting, analysis and audit
2. Management accounting, controlling and analysis on the enterprises of the oil and gas industry
a. Management Accounting and Controlling at the enterprises of the oil and gas industry
b. Corporate control and analysis

3. Economics and Management of Oil and Gas Industry
a. Economy companies and organizations (Oil and Gas)
b. Economy companies and organizations (construction)

4. The international oil and gas business (World economy and international oil and gas business)

English Language MASTER PROGRAMS in the faculty of Petroleum Engineering in Russia

  1. Offshore field development technologies
  2. Petroleum economics and management
  3. Reservoir geoscience and engineering
  4. Technologies of oil and gas fields development
  5. Power saving technologies for gas transporting systems
  6. Geological and Geophysical problems of development of oil and gas fields (Double degree with Heriot-Wat)
  7. Design and Development of oil and gas fields (Double degree with Heriot-Wat in English medium)

DOCTORATE (PhD.) in Petroleum Engineering in Russia

  1. Geochemistry, geochemical Methods of mineral Exploration (TPU)
  2. Geology, prospecting and exploration of Fuels (oil and gas deposits) (TPU)
  3. Exploration and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields (TPU)
  4. Geology, searches and investigation of combustible minerals
  5. Development and exploitation of Oil and Gas fields
  6. Technology and equipments of prospecting works (oil and gas exploration)
  7. Drilling Technology (Technology of drilling and development wells) (TPU)
  8. Exploration Engineering and Technology (TPU)
  9. Groundwater Hydrology (TPU)
  10. Hydrogeology
  11. Engineering geology, geocryology and ground science (TPU)
  12. Geoecology (TPU)
  13. Geophysics, geophysical methods of mineral exploration
  14. Mining and oil field geology, geophysics and geometry of bowels (geological-mineralogical sciences)
  15. Geology, searches and investigation of firm minerals minerageny
  16. Crystallography & mineralogy;
  17. Economy and management of a national economy (economics, organization and management of enterprises, organizations, industry, logistics, environmental economics)
  18. General and regional geology
  19. Planning, land survey and Land Monitoring
  20. Chemical technology of fuel and special products
  21. Processes and devices of chemical technologies (Department of Chemical Technology of Fuel and Chemical Cybernetics & Department of General Chemical Technology)
  22. Analytical chemistry
  23. Physical Chemistry (Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry and Technology Department of organic substances and plastics)

Areas of research

  1. Developing effective and resource-saving technology of well construction in complicated conditions
  2. Developing effective and resource-saving technologies in oil digging / procurement and efficiency in production rate near problematic sources.
  3. Development of resource-saving technologies in pipeline transportation carrying fuel and minerals in crude form.
  4. Directional drilling
  5. Increase the wear resistance of the rock cutting tool
  6. ecotoxicity studies of drilling and grouting mortars
  7. development of jet-vortex nozzles jetting drill bits
  8. improving the quality of drilling mud
  9. development of a communication channel with the slaughter
  10. based on the excitation pulse currents in rock failure.
  11. Mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer in complex shear flows of single-phase or multiphase media in the internal systems 
  12. Improved operational reliability of the equipment pipeline transport
  13. Trenchless methods of pipelines
  14. Development and implementation of systems of advanced methods, tools and mining technologies
  15. Geodetic support of the design, construction and operation of oil pipelines and technical storage facilities
  16. Geodetic support of geological, geophysical and other fieldwork, post-processing of materials and construction of geological maps and other graphics
  17. Scientific substantiation choices oilfield and mining equipment.

Strategic Partners for some of the Masters programs are:

  • University of Calgary (Canada)
  • Institute of Oil and Natural Gas University, Miskolc (Hungary);
  • Institute of turbulence, Marseille (France)
  • Oil and Gas Institute, Paris (France)
  • European Organization for Research
  • International Association ThermoEnergy companies (Slovakia, Italy, Holland, Germany, Ukraine)
  • University Heriot Watt, Edinburg, UK (United Kingdom)

For applying to study Petroleum Engineering (Oil & Gas Engineering) in one of the leading Russian State Universities go here and learn the step-by-step admission process at the end of the page. Then you may fill in all fields in our Information Request Form and forward it to one of our e-mails: admissions@cferussia.ru or learninginrussia@gmail.com

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  1. State Law
  2. Civil Law
  3. International law
  4. Social Law
  5. Advocate
  6. Forensic Law
  7. Civil Procedure and Labor Law Department
  8. Criminal Law and Criminology Department
  9. Criminal Procedure and Criminal Science Department
  10. Theory and history of state and law, history of legal doctrines
  11. Business Law
  12. Tax law
  13. Employment law, social security law
  14. Civil law, family law, private international law
  15. Civil litigation, arbitration
  16. Criminal procedure, criminal science, the theory of operational-search activities
  17. Medical law
  18. Criminal law, criminology, criminal enforcement law
  19. International law
  20. Masters in Private International Law

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  Our programs are accredited with the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian  Federation (MESRF)Russian Ministry of Health (in cases of Medicine, Nursing,   Dentistry, Biomedical engineering and Clinical Psychology). MESRF operates under  the authority of the Federal Service of Supervision in Education and Science

The programs come under the list of Federally listed “A list” Universities.

They are recognized by UNESCO, Council of Europe, AMA (American Medical     Association), ERASMUS and all other major education bodies.

·         World Health Organization (WHO)

·         Council of Europe,

·         AMA (American Medical Association),

·         The International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

·         International Engineers Society

·         ECFMG, USA

·         General Medical Council (UK)

·         Medical Board of California

·         International Association of Universities (IAU)

·         International Association of University Presidents

·         European University Association (EUA)

·         Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA)

·        Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in the USA

·         EU, US, UK, CAN, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, AUS / NZ, China etc. country education boards and, many other top bodies of the world.

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After passing out their matriculation or XII standard, students from all over Asia, Africa and other parts of the world are eager for more. They have either found what they are good at or have a passion in their life which they want to pursue. Also, they may have eager parents or siblings looking for the next step for their young brother or sister. Be it a Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) pass out from the plus billion population of India of the Indian sub-continent,a National Senior Certificate (NSC) holder from the tip of the African continent near the Cape of Good Hope of South Africa, or the students holding a General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE) from the island nations of Singapore, Sri Lanka, etc. The desire is the same. We welcome you to come and study in Russia. Why not? It is one of the leading country for studies in Engineering & Medicine!

In Africa, students are no different. It is a growing economy and some say the last “western territory” for one to find riches and make a difference in the lives of people. We have had many queries from motivated Nigerian minds that having passed their Western African Examinations Council (WAEC) or National Examinations Council (NECO) are eager to come to us in St. Petersburg, Russia to fulfill their academic ambitions. Same can be said about Ghana from where we get many engineering and business queries from students who have given their Senior High School (S.H.S) 3.  As a holder of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) or the Higher International General Certificate of Secondary Education (HIGCSE) from the dry lands of Namibia, or from the great representative democratic state of Botswana holding a Botswana General Certificate of Education (BGCSE), students are no more looking only at their own front or backyard to expand their horizons. We have even students from across the Atlantic writing us with their Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) certificate from Jamaica, Guyana, etc. Students are looking for avenues of higher education to enhance their future. While studying in Russia you can get a Bachelors, Masters and a PhD degree.

You can choose the engineering or aeronautics field or make a difference by choosing the Humanitarian stream or go into the world of Economics & Management. Feel free to browse the Arts program section and the Medicine courses we have on offer for you. Come to the Research & Education capital of Russia and study with CFER™.

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The wait for CFER’s summer program stops here! Learn with CFER in the refreshing summer air of St. Petersburg under the Learning in Russia program for international students.  Download the summer program catalog here!

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